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About Tea with Tran

A blog from one international student to another

Just like the name suggests, the Tea with Tran blog offers a more relaxing way of academic advising and mentoring. Here, you can have a drink or snack as you search for the answers to your questions in my blog posts. You can read the same information as much as you like without worrying about bothering anyone. 
This blog was also a way to express myself as an individual and to showcase all the information I have worked hard to obtain. I love the pursuit of knowledge. No, not just in school or through books but real-life events. I love doing experiments, looking at people's reactions, and analyzing situations to gain valuable information. 
This blog is a compilation of my experiences that aims to provide advice that can boost your academic success. This blog will continue to expand its topics to include lifestyle, cooking, and other relevant topics. Through this blog, I hope that you feel more comfortable and confident while in your pursuit of knowledge in Universities, here in America.

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