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My name is Tran Nguyen. I studied in America from 2016-2021 and worked in America for one year. I just recently returned to Vietnam to pursue my career in English Teaching and academic advising. In 2021, I created this blog to help international students who were pursuing their education when America was facing a pandemic and many changes in cultural issues. I also made this blog for myself, for the me that was struggling every day to do well. My role in this blog is your Peer Mentor, a friend, a senior, or anything in between. I hope I can lend a hand to you when you need it the most. 

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My Story

My passion for helping international students started when I worked at my first job as a Peer Mentor for Foundation for Success program at Green River College. During my time working there, I learned a lot about our needs, our desire, and the challenges that we face as students who study abroad in America. I also saw the lack of help that international students get in colleges and universities. The resources and advising we were provided differed from school to school and person to person, making it hard to know what to believe in. So I wanted to learn everything I can about how to help international become successful in school and become a resource for the students. 

To become the best version of myself, I dedicated my study to the study of human research (anthropology). I studied different cultures, how people interact with each other, global issues, and intercultural issues. After my studies, I learned many things about how we, as people, live and about myself. I also understood the problems that I saw in my Peer Mentors days from a systematic viewpoint. Doing so, I  learn how to resolve them, not just for me but also for many students, near and far. 

My vision for this post is to be a place where anyone can directly come and get the help that you need. You can get advice anywhere and anytime you want. You can get advice as soon as you have questions, not having to go anywhere or wait for anyone. In my post, I write as if I am giving advice to a friend in need. My posts are here for you o don't worry too much and come whenever you need some help. I got you 😉!!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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